Succinctly put, Dorothy Fried is the consummate geriatric care manager. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Dorothy for the past 10 years and she has never failed to serve the seniors and their families, who constitute our clientele, in the most professional and committed way. She makes herself accessible to her clients at any time. She assesses them and their situation, makes thorough recommendations, oversees their care, drives them to appointments, as necessary, and is generally 'their new very best friend'. Additionally, in the same vein, she is of particular comfort to families at a distance, who need to know in their hearts that their loved person is well cared for and protected. With Dorothy, they are all in the best of hands.

S. Pomerantz, President/CEO
Concepts for Living

I have known Dorothy Fried for nearly 5 years and have consulted with her on numerous occasions concerning my dear mother. She has always offered sage advice, the wisdom of her experience, and practical applicable answers to my situations. Most recently she helped our family make decisions about palliative and hospice care as well as give us specific referrals to agencies that helped us with Medicare issues.

K. Schulweis, Professional Certified Executive Coach

In 2004 Dorothy Fried was referred to us by The S+AGE Center and this was the best advice given to my sister and myself. We live out of state and needed someone to be there for our dad and she was our magic solution. She has managed his care 24/7 working with home care agencies, hiring care givers, establishing work schedules, organizing and monitoring his home care, attending medical appointments, and coaching me on how to handle sticky situations. She even orchestrated a 5-day evacuation during a wildfire crisis in ’08. She keeps us well informed and is a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Bouquet-Robinson   

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