People hire a Care Manager because of the complexities involved in tending to the needs of the elderly. Health care is the primary consideration of most people seeking assistance.  Common concerns include the monitoring of medications; home safety issues; interaction with primary and emergency room physicians, and supervision of home care providers.  No one is more qualified to create a feasible care management plan than a certified geriatric care manager.
Whether we are 2, 22 or 82, we all deserve to live a life that reflects the dignity and independence, peace and wellbeing that is every person's birthright. An increasing number of people are now living to an advanced age, and   most prefer to maintain their independence, whether they are living in their own homes or a specialized senior care facility.  However, as we age, the parameters of independence and well-being change and, accordingly, our needs become altered as well.

In many cases, with or without the benefit of family assistance, additional supportive services are sometimes required.  Persons with a low income may be able to turn to government or non-profit agencies for support.  For those whose income is too high for publicly funded services, however, a different option has become available in recent years - private geriatric care management.


Here are some of the ways in which a Geriatric Care Manager can assist you


A Geriatric Care Manager will:

  • Conduct care planning assessments to identify problems; establish eligibility for assistance and the  need for services
  • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home caregivers and all additional health and mental health providers
  • Review financial, legal and medical issues, and offer referrals to related professionals for problems such as the conservation of assets
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Act as a liaison for families and long-distance care givers
  • Offer guidance concerning alternative housing options, and facilitate the transition
  • Provide counseling, education, advocacy and psychosocial support for elders and their families



       "My mom needs more help but I live too far away to assist her."   

       "Our beloved Auntie has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We need advice          and  guidance about what to do next."

       "Dad has someone coming in to help him with household chores, but no                 one  to oversee his health care needs." 

       "We're going to be away traveling, so our parents will need someone to               check in on them."

"Mom is in a nursing home, but she still needs additional help: Someone to  drive her to appointments or just take her to lunch.  And she needs somebody to be her advocate." 

"I want a trained, certified, empathetic, caring professional whom I can trust to take care of my senior!"  

If any of the above situations sound familiar to you, then you need the support of a  trusted professional who can help you make the best decisions for your senior.


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